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EST. 2000

Duxbury Oyster Company was established in 2000 by father and son team John and Patrick McCluskey.  On a whim, the duo decided to take advantage of their proximity and access to the Bay, and carefully selected a site that would provide an optimal combination of fresh and salt water along with sufficient robust algae for the oysters to thrive and grow.


What started as a fun past time to share these fruits of the sea with family friends, became a long term love affair with oyster farming.  In 2014, the duo became a trio when Kevin Thomson joined the team bringing a unique combination of farming and marketing techniques, a love of the water, and a devotion to producing the perfect oyster.


Each spring the Duxbury Oyster Company team begins the process of nurturing select seed in preparation for transfer to the farm nursery. Throughout the summer the baby oysters grow in the nursery’s semi-rigid bags high in the water column where they flourish and grow on the natural, nutrient rich waters of Duxbury Bay.


When the waters cool in the fall and into winter, the oysters are put to bed in a land-based cooler where they lay dormant until the harsh New England winter passes. In early March when the ice and cold retreat, the young oysters are returned to the bay where they grow to maturity on the bottom.


Duxbury Oyster Company and “Duxbury Raw Bars” provides an upscale raw bar experience for any size celebration.  Learn more about how you and your guests can enjoy these gems from Duxbury Bay, harvested and shucked on the same day. A true farm to table experience!

Nurtured to perfection in both shape and size, the full, deep-cupped, fabulous Duxbury Oyster Company oysters are an unmatched delicacy ready to be harvested and shucked. A true farm to table experience like no other.

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